OBAMA – Part of The “END TIMES”?

President Obama – Is He Part of God’s Divine Plan for “THE END OF DAYS?
Is it possibe that President Obama is part of God’s Divine Plan for the “END TIMES”?
                                                                                                                                 The short answer is YES!  It took me from 2004 to 2009 to complete one of my five books – America’s Two Holy Wars.  I started the book because I thought George W. Bush wanted to engage Iraq in a war because seventeen terrorists tried to kill his father years earlier, and this was his time to get even.

Once I began studying and researching for the book, I began to see all that George Bush saw…..and it was not a pretty picture.  I discovered that there are two factions at war against America and they are Muslim extremists (Jihaddists), and Progressive Liberal Secularists (anti-God movement).  I began to discover how terrorism came into play, and discovered the tactics used by the anti-God movement to also vie for the hearts and souls of America by using our own government to control the masses through the school systems to health care, and now economics, to make us become totally dependent on the government for most of our needs.

Islamic jihaddists believe that Jews should “be killed and driven into the sea”, and that all non-muslims are “infidels”.  Unless the people of the world convert to Islam, they will not stop trying to conquer us and enslave us to Islam…or simply subject us to their whims as servants.


Louis Farrakhan, Leader of the U.S. based Nation of Islam, said at a mosque dedication in Chicago on February 19, 2008, “ Barack Obama to me, is a herald of the Messiah. Barack Obama is like the trumpet that alerts you that something new…something better, is on the way.” 

This is the same as when John The Baptist heralded in the Messiah, Jesus.  John the Baptist was a prophet heralding in the Messiah.  Is Barack the prophet of today who shall, indeed, herald in or announce the coming of the Islamic Messiah known as ‘al Mhadi” and the “12th Imam”?

The “12th Imam” is supposed to come to the earth riding on a horse named ‘lightning’ Did you know that the Hebrew word for lightning is Burraq?  Arabic is Barak.  Anglicised is Barack.  Therefore, it could be said that “Islam shall rise to power riding on the back of Barack.”  Coincidence?

Keep following the above photos…they depict coincidences surrounding Obama and the “End Times”.

Joseph of the Bible, had a dream about the sun…the moon, and stars.  The moon represented his mother, the stars were his brothers.  They would all bow down before him.  The Islam flags have the crescent moon and star (or stars).  Will the people of earth bow down to a religion….the mother of all religions?  My answer is yes, and it appears that Islam will be the dominant religion in the next few years.  Will Obama guide people into Islam?  I don’t believe he even has a clue that he might be the larger figure in God’s divine plan for the END OF DAYS yet, but it will become clear as the months evolve.

Obama chose Lincoln as the one he wishes to emulate.  Lincoln came to Washington on a train…as did Obama.  Lincoln came out of Illinois…as did Obama.  Lincoln was fatally wounded in the head on April 14, 1865.  The Bible predicts that the leader of the world…in a One-World Government setting, will become fatally wounded in the head…..but, that a holy man will come to him and miraculously raise him from the dead.  Will this “holy man” come out of Islam?  Will he be the 12th Imam?  Will the peoples of the earth (brothers or Ummas) all worship this person as their “Messiah” after they witness this ‘raising from the dead’ situation?  Will this event turn many to Islam?  Seems possible.  We were not introduced to Islam until September 11, 2001 if you think about it.  Now, Islam is two billion strong and gaining.

The other interesting thing about Lincoln was that he came to free the slaves.  The Bible predicts that a one-world leader is coming to – enslave the free. Coincidence?

In days of old, preachers foretold of a religion that woulld be preeminent, and believed it to be the Catholic church.  They did not figure current events into the equation and match it to what the Bible says.  The predominant religion to gain power in the world comes out of Babylon.  Babylon of old is now Baghdad, Iraq.  If Iraq isn’t Muslim, I’m not English and Irish!

Israel wants to build their third temple on the “Holy Mount” in Jeruslaem.  The Bible predicts that “The temple at Jerusalem wil be desecrated”….therefore, it must be built for it to be desecrated.  Jesus tells us to “Look up for your redemption draweth nigh when you see this ‘abomination of desolation‘ take place ….just after armies surround Jerusalem.”

The Jews, hated by most Arabs, Muslims, and many others, cannot build their temple on the Holy Mount because the Arabs now control it.  They have their third holiest mosque there – al Aqsa mosque, and the Dome of the Rock, which is said to cover the actual cornerstone of the old Temple that was destroyed on August 4th, 70 A.D. 

Obama’s birthday is August 4th!  Coincidence again? 

I’ve dedicated chapter 24 of America’s Two Holy Wars – to “The End Times”, and how I believe they will unfold.  They started in 2007 – 40 years after Israel owned all of Jerusalem…after the 6-day war, and Obama announced his candidacy for president in February of 2007.  Coincidence?

The prophet Daniel spoke of 2,330 days (total of 2,300 then 30 days) after an event takes place that the temple will be built.  2,330 days from January 20, 2009 (Inauguration day) is June 20th (a Sabbath Day) in the year 2015. Could the temple be rebuilt by then?  Yes.  Could it also be desecrated on the Sabbath day that the Jews are in it worshipping Yaweh?  Yes.

We are not to know the day nor hour of the coming of the Lord to rapture the saints, but we are told that we will know the season.  Many scholars and ministers…and Christians, believe we are in those end times.

The 475 pages of my book started detail all the events leading up to the conclusion that we are in those times spoken of in Matthew 24 by Jesus Himself.

Are you ready for those times?

If not, I’d suggest going to www.RelationshipBooks.com and downloading the free 60pages or so of America’s Two Holy Wars, then download the free pages from another book – HEAVEN – HOW DO I GET THERE.


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